Having a very good relations with all regainal ports, shipping companies and stevedoring companies we are able to arrange any type of inland or international transportation for your goods starting from small box completing by full seagoing vessel freight.

Full range of all types of trucks, containers, railcars and other ways of transportation available at Air – Land – Sea.


Our customs brokers are able to handle ongoing business imports, personal imports, temporary imports, bonded imports, transshipment entries and to facilitate prompt clearance and the timely delivery of your goods.

Having full-time licensed customs brokers along with a full complement of support staff at our disposal, we ensure timely and accurate delivery of all your goods. Our well-equipped customs brokers are ready and willing to address any requirement that you might have and give you the service you deserve and at the right price.

Some of our standard operating procedures for customs brokerage are as follows:

  • If applicable, we shall receive as well as disseminate information to the sender or any other person that the client wants to, all of the pre-alerts we get for incoming shipments;
  • Review documents, and confirm that they are accurate. If any problems arise with the documentation, we will single it out and recommend the best possible solution within our knowledge;
  • Verify that the documentation is correct and prepare import documents for pre-clearance for shipments;
  • Make sure that all paperwork needed for amendment is prepared and filed, in the event that the documentation turns out to be incorrect or incomplete;
  • Where necessary, we can arrange appointments with Customs to inspect shipments for a timely release;
  • Assist clients in ensuring that documentation for goods for export is accurate and acceptable to the recipient,
  • Being available to assist with any emergency shipment, and lending best efforts to solicit assistance from Estonian Customs for their release.

Once your goods have been cleared, we can also help with the delivery of full containers or Less than Container Load (LCL) shipments.

Customs Cleared

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